My son is currently at UCSF and had his first heart surgery on Thursday. He is 7 weeks old. He received one of your bears! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift and for the encouragement that your story gave me as his mother!


Thanks for giving my baby girl a lil pink bear and thanks a lot u just made me stronger for my baby...

~Plevin Family

Thank you so much to  Brooke's Healing Heart Foundation for the wonderful heart pillow for our Dad. I'm telling you, for such a big guy, this pillow is a life saver. He's still in Stanford but with this pillow he's on the road to recovery. Over the past 12 days it's made me think about how incredibly strong you are Brooke. As well as what my friends Laura and Fred have gone through. Thank you so much for the support and Brooke, I couldn't be more proud of you.

Thank you again to the whole family for this special gift for my Dad.

You are all very special. 😍🙏